Poetry Summer Slam - Open Air Edition

Poetry Summer Slam – Open Air Edition

Tweet Two friends come together and bring a dream to life: That’s what the best adventure stories are made of, and like an adventure of some sort did it feel to be invited to Daniel Wenkel’s and Sascha Mühlenbeck’s Poetry Summer Slam – Open Air Edition. Daniel had dreamed up this event when he decided [...]

Slam Bremen – May 2011

Slam Bremen – May 2011

Tweet Slam Bremen, the almost traditional Poetry Slam at “Lagerhaus”, May 12 2011 This slam possibly was the best I’ve ever seen. Already last month I had the impression that it could hardly get any better in a slam without invitees. It’s just impossible to determine who will be on stage and how good these [...]

Two Stories - Truth

Two Stories – Truth

Tweet What is most fascinating about journalism for me, is that it allows us to follow objective reporting about events around the world which deliver us facts and truths, which in turn help us to abstract the happenings from emotions. Journalism helps us understand what we wouldn’t get if we would be swept away in [...]

And Behind All Faces... Masks

And Behind All Faces… Masks

Tweet Theatre is transporting us to a different world: A world in which our perception of things is altered and warped by a stage on which we see our own doings reflected as the actions of characters that sometimes only seem to be vessels for a selected few of our own character traits. Give us [...]

Schlachtezauber 2010 - Historical Christmas Market

Schlachtezauber 2010 – Historical Christmas Market

Tweet So once again I’m sitting here and thinking hard, as I can’t simply translate the original blog post into English… as I was hinging it on a single word, almost a pun, in German, and it simply doesn’t translate. I’ll just say that ‘Schlachte’ is Bremen’s promenade along the banks of the Weser river, [...]

Poetry Slam Bremen - December 2010

Poetry Slam Bremen – December 2010

Tweet How do you picture words? How do you capture something through the lens that that’s not even leaving a visible mark in the ether? Surely you can’t – don’t even try! And yet, last Thursday, December 9 2010, Slam Bremen had its invitations out to join in an evening of slinging poetry – and [...]

To Polish The Spirit...

To Polish The Spirit…

Tweet On Sunday I had the pleasure to attend Bremen’s kyudo club’s training session in traditional garbs. Kyudo isn’t only a highly formalised budo sport – thus, orginally, a “sport” of the japanese warrior caste* – but also a spiritual experience – if you let your self into it. And thusly I will enter into [...]

Diwali/Deepavali 2010 - Jacobs University

Diwali/Deepavali 2010 – Jacobs University

Tweet Us humans have a lot in common, however diverse we might be in our outer appearance: We love, we laugh, we cry and we grieve. Our cultures may be different, our values and codes of society may vary widely, but one thing all of our cultures have in common is this: We love to [...]

In The Beginning Was The Word...

In The Beginning Was The Word…

Tweet It’s been time! It has taken long enough. Because what you see here in front of your eyes is the result of two weeks of work, and countless curses. Finally the BREportage blog is online! But what is that actually? BREportage is a project infused with my heart’s blood. It’s the attempt of turning [...]